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Mortar and Pestle Wholesale
Wholesale Mortar and Pestle
BUY BULK - From the Artist
Save up to 50% and get FREE SHIPPING when you order bulk online
Bulk mortars and pestles
Dozen x 2 standard order
Low pricing from the Artist
Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping. 10-14 days delivery.
Payment method: Credit cards online, checks, money orders.
Quantity: Dozen x 2
Material: (OW) Olivewood - (BRA) Brass
Pedestal Olive Wood Mortars & Pestles
Large Mortar and PestlePersonal Mortar and PestleLarge Mortar and PestleLarge Brass Mortar and Pestle
Bowl Shaped Mortars & Pestles:
Large Mortar and PestleLarge Mortar and PestlePersonal Mortar and Pestle
INFORMATION FORM is a retail and wholesale distributor importing directly from the Artists.
We supply large quantities as well as smaller market test packages.
We will be glad to work together in order to offer our unique products to your final consumers.
We will be glad to prepare an estimate at your request.
You may e-mail us a list of desired items as well as quantities, or fill up the form below.
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